Perlage centraline meteo vigneti

The PVsensing system in our organic vineyards

Organic viticulture: innovation is through constant research

There are many factors that define a vintage, the main ones are: the quality and quantity of the grapes. These affect the final characteristics of Perlage organic wines. Our winery is constantly looking for positive economic models based on innovation and sustainability.

In 2018 and 2019, together with other companies in the Veneto Region, Perlage has taken part to PVsensing project for the rationalization of treatments against downy mildew, based on the use of innovative sensors in the vineyard, still in use today.

A choice that is good for the environment, but not only
Perlage has inserted in some organic vineyards innovative meteorological control units, equipped with webcams, sensors positioned among the leaves and on the ground.
These allow to constantly detect climatic variables such as rain, humidity, temperature, leaf wetting and vegetation growth: useful data to understand and simulate the life cycle of the pathogen Plasmopara viticola, agent of downy mildew.
Organic farming involves the increasingly restrictive use of copper to combat this fungal disease.

Thanks to the PVsensing system, it has been possible to rationalise interventions with a considerable saving of resources and consequent economic and environmental benefits.
The use of this innovative technology allows us to make the organic vineyard even more sustainable and to obtain healthy and higher quality grapes.


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