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Everything you should know about Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable Tourism (or Responsible Tourism) is a form of tourism that respects the natural environment and the historical and cultural heritage of the host community. In particular, it is an important means of raising awareness on territory and traditional economic activities. The main purpose of Sustainable Tourism is to improve the quality of life of the local population and encourage contact with each other and a fair distribution between costs and benefits ensuring the self- sufficiency on the community and the satisfaction of tourists.

In recent years there has been much talk about Eco-Sustainable Tourism, this concept is often linked to the world of fair trade, especially in reference to tourism in Third World or developing countries. Brazil, Ecuador, Peru in Latin America and Tanzania, Kenya in Africa are the favourite destinations for sustainable travels. While in Italy the natural parks are the most popular choice.

Another objective of Sustainable Tourism is to ensure that destinations, especially naturalistic ones, are preserved from a mass invasion that sometimes leads to the damage of the resources themselves, which must instead be protected for future visitors.

Sustainable Tourism therefore looks to the future; economy, ethics and environment are the fundamental principles on which it is based.

Turismo Sostenibile

Any tipe of travel, destination and budget, can be considered sustainable, as being a responsible traveller simply means being aware of the impact on the Planet.

Which are the best practices for the responsible travellers must take? Here a few examples:

  • Buying local rather than imported products
  • Find out about the customs and traditions of the chosen place
  • Always respect the territory in which you are located
  • Taste the typical cuisine




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