25 September 2020

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Food forest – From the traditional vegetable garden to the forest ecosystem

We hear more and more often about food forest or edible forest, but what does it mean exactly? The pioneer was the Englishman Mr. Robert Adrian de Jauralde Hart who started working on the concept of food forest in the…

13 August 2020

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Everything you should know about Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable Tourism (or Responsible Tourism) is a form of tourism that respects the natural environment and the historical and cultural heritage of the host community. In particular, it is an important means of raising awareness on territory and traditional economic activities. The…

31 March 2020

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Why choosing a vegan wine? 3 important aspects you should know.

The “vegan” sections on the supermarket shelves are constantly increasing, as in shops and restaurants. There is more and more choice of food without animal derivatives: the vegan world is beginning to increase supporters and consensus at national and international…

29 November 2019

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Dry, Extra Dry, Brut, Extra Brut or Millesimato? 5 terms you should know about the world of Prosecco.

When we talk about Prosecco we often hear people using these terms, but which is their meaning? Let’s start clarifying the meaning of the terms Dry, Extra Dry, Brut and Extra Brut: these terms are referred to the different sugar…

2 October 2019

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A sustainable Prosecco thanks to the sugar of Altromercato.

  Perlage production chain becomes even more sustainable. Starting from the beginning of 2019, we have introduced Altromercato cane sugar in the production of two core Proseccos: QUORUM Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG Extra Dry and GENESIS Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG…

24 September 2019

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Why bees are so important for our planet?

People often talk about biodiversity, and the extinction of some species would actually determinate an irreparable loss. A really precious specie, for the ecosystem, is represented by bees. Bee is part of apidae family, of the order of hymeroptera, it…

12 June 2019

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The first Social Report of Perlage

December 2018: Perlage publishes its first social report, consciously moving towards a non-financial reporting path. Traditionally, it is customary to refer to the financial statements exclusively in economic terms by preparing annual reports about company financial, equity and economic data. However,…

28 May 2019

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Wine gives you the beauty!

Wine can give benefits not only by drinking it, but also by applying it to the skin, thanks to “wine therapy”.  The number of consumers, who are interested in these techniques, is increasingly growing. They are fascinated by the incredible…


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