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Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Hills Trail- The charm of an immersive experience

The inauguration ceremony of the “Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Hills Trail” has recently taken place, that it has already become one of the more important attractions of the Treviso piedmont territory.  The itinerary winds through an area recognised as Unesco World Heritage Site for its beauty and uniqueness, offering a holistic experience aimed at a public that loves nature, wine and food culture.

The “Unesco” path is almost 52 km long, with departure from Vidor and arrival to Vittorio Veneto and an estimated travel time of about 4 days. It crosses 29 towns, giving the opportunity to admire the richness of the landscape and culture present in places such as Colbertaldo, Valdobbiadene, Col San Martino, Farra di Soligo or Follina.

Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Hills Trail has been designed to offer the wayfarer a total immersion in nature and in the evidences of a food and wine culture rooted in a past steeped in customs and stories. As the seasons go by, it can be possible to appreciate the changing colours of the foliage and views, passing through valleys full of streams, villages, castles, abbeys and churches. This naturalistic and architectural dimension envelops and captivates, making the continuous ups and downs given by the hilly slopes a pleasant experience.

The trail, which can also be covered by the less experienced people, is designed in 4 stages varying in length between 9 and 15 km, with each one taking between 3 and 5 hours.

The signposts are positioned in such a way as to encourage the exploration of these suggestive areas with their clearly outlined geomorphological features. From above, it is possible to observe the so-called ‘hogbacks’, i.e. a series of hills with a long, narrow ridge and steep slopes; the ‘ciglioni inerbiti’, i.e. the presence of rows of vines on narrow grassy terraces; and finally, the ‘mosaic’ formed by forest and vineyard typical of our territory and unique in the world.

Among the stage, one of the most suggestive and pleasant to discover is the one that connects Col San Martino to Follina, passing through iconic places such as the Sanctuary of Collagù.

Starting from Col San Martino you enter ‘Il Sentiero delle Vedette’, which takes you to Soligo, passing by the church of San Vigilio, symbol of Col San Martino and icon of the hills, and then on to Monte Moncader, Roccolo, Forcella di San Martino, Col Maor and Collagù. The latter is a splendid hamlet known for its sanctuary housing the remains of St Emilio Martyr and St Florida. From here we then descend through the Bosco Impero to the Soligo torrent, where we turn north.

Walking along the Soligo and shortly afterwards crossing the Campea stream, you reach Premaor and continuing along the dirt road to Tre Ponti, you pass through Marcita and reach the well-known Follina Abbey.

A curiosity about the Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Hills Trail?

The walk has been designed without waste collection bins, in order to make tourists responsible and encourage to take their waste with them, leaving a clean environment for those who will cover the walk at a later date.

“Cammino” therefore confirms itself as synonymous with environmental sustainability!

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