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Why choosing a vegan wine? 3 important aspects you should know.

A vegan diet

The “vegan” sections on the supermarket shelves are constantly increasing, as in shops and restaurants. There is more and more choice of food without animal derivatives: the vegan world is beginning to increase supporters and consensus at national and international level.

Doing your shopping, have you ever wondered why you should choose a vegan wine?

Here are three aspects, you should take into account: the vineyard, the cellar and the table.

1.  In the vineyard the territory is respected in order to preserve the soil-biodiversity.

A wine that respects the environment and animals has an added value. Everything is green-oriented and without animal derivatives, from the fertilization phase to the final packaging.

The vineyards are worked in full respect of soil: this is very important to obtain healthy and quality grapes, preserving the soil in order to promote the proliferation of microorganisms, that make the soil fertile and allow plants to grow healthy and strong, preserving it from disease. The use of polluting phytosanitary products is not allowed, so that the environment is protected and the physical structure of the vine too. The vineyards are constantly taken under control by specialized agronomists, who take care of plant development according to its natural cycle.

2.In the cellar, the vegan principles are respected throughout all the production phases.

The clarifying agents generally used in winemaking may contain animal derivatives, like casein or albumin, from milk and egg respectively. These components can be replaced by vegetable yeasts. Moreover,  wine is refrigerated in order to activate the stabilization process, i.e. the natural gravitational sedimentation of small particles, that make the wine turbid.

The total absence of substances of animal origin, in all the wine tanks and in the materials used to make the final product, allows to obtain the Vegan certification.

3. A good quality-price ratio for a healthy wine.

Although the care and attention are much higher in a vegan vineyard than in a conventional one, prices are kept low. A wine with a good quality-price ratio, rich in natural scents, given by vigorous and natural grapes, is healthier, more digestible and above all … does not cause headaches!

In short, buying a vegan wine is a choice not only of those, who follow a vegan diet but also of those, who love to respect the territory and animals.

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