UE/non UE: Perlage sparkling wines are organic, vegan and ‘responsible’.

Quality that rhymes with Corporate Social Responsibility

As many people have probably noticed, on the capsule of some of our organic and vegan sparkling wines the words "UE/NON UE agriculture" accompany the organic flag. This wording does not concern the origin of the grapes, because we use only grapes of Italian origin for the production of our sparkling wines and organic and vegan wines.
The meaning of "UE/NON UE agriculture" concerns instead a production phase in the cellar. A wine to become sparkling needs a particular process named Martinotti (Charmat) method, which involves fermentation in autoclave.

When the base wine is inserted into the autoclaves, in addition to the yeasts, a minimum quantity of sugar is added to activate the fermentation process, which transforms the sugar into alcohol and natural carbon dioxide. This is how the wine is transformed into sparkling wine.

This wording was introduced because Perlage uses organic cane sugar for its organic sparkling wines, which our supplier Impresa Sociale Altromercato imports from non-UE countries, more precisely from Thailand.
Altromercato has always promoted a fair trade, that guarantees the right price to small sugar cane producers.

Since 2019 Perlage has officially become a Benefit Company (after being certified B Corp in 2016). Values such as transparency, social and environmental sustainability, inclusiveness and the promotion of more responsible and healthy lifestyles are now part of our company statute. Perlage, through its collaboration with Altromercato, wants to promote and encourage more fair, responsible and sustainable forms of economic development.

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