A new style for our cuvées

Now they are even more colourful and sustainable

85, Perlapp and Perlapp Rosé changed their look. The new labels are designed to best express all the characteristics of our organic Cuvées, focusing on environmentally friendly materials.

For 85 Spumante Cuvée Brut, the link with sustainability passes through the textured effect and partly recycled label, enriched with details in a vivid gold colour, more elegant and sensorial thanks to the bas-reliefs.

While the sleeves of Perlapp and Perlapp Rosé are an explosion of flowery drawings and pop colours; thanks to the short capsule, they are easier to recycle and can be easily separated from the glass.
Soon available on our website.

A new bottle made of recycled and lighter glass was introduced for all Perlage Cuvées. This allowed us to go from 725 g to 550 g, thus reducing CO2 emissions and the impact of packaging.

The restyling of 85 Spumante, Perlapp and Perlapp Rosé is intended to be an innovation in terms of expressing the company's values, first among them respect for the environment and the end consumer.

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