Afra Prosecco DOC Rosé Millesimato collects successes

Mundus Vini awards gold medal to our rosé sparkling wine

Which are the most appreciated characteristics by the jury?

Surely the extraordinary balance and complexity of the aromas. Elegant notes of cherry, red fruit, raspberry, citrus and a slight spiciness were detected in our organic Afra Prosecco DOC Rosé, probably due to the presence of Pinot Nero. A pleasant acidity gives it a good structure. In short, according to the jury, all these characteristics give to the organic and vegan Afra an excellent potential.

Even if it has been on the market since December 2019 only, this rosé sparkling wine has already received several awards. The latest of these was reached at Mundus Vini competition . The aim of this competition is to promote the quality and sale of the participating wines and to offer producers, winegrowers, importers and consumers a platform for comparing different wines, thus providing a valuable tool for purchasing orientation.

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