Col di Manza among the excellences awarded by WineHunter

Biodynamic bubbles that are expression of a territory with a long winemaking tradition

True to the motto "excellence is an attitude" The WineHunter 2021 recognised the qualities of Col di Manza Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG -made with biodynamic grapes- awarding it theRed Award.

Helmut Köcher, founder of the The WineHunter Award, talks about the meaning of the competition and the passion that has driven him over the years to always seek out the best products in the field of food and wine. "In the end, only the excellence remains. We have to pursuit the best: we have to study it, find it and create it. And we need to share it with the people around us [...] That is how the Merano WineFestival was born: an encounter with the winemaker himself who shares his story of producing greatness. Later also food was added. Research, discovery, sharing of excellences brought through the offspring of the perfect union between the past and future."

The Col di Manza sparkling wine, thanks to the result achieved, is reconfirmed as an example of balance, harmony and elegance in the oenological field. If you want to know more about this wine click here

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