Perlage gets V.I.V.A. certification

We add a new piece to our sustainability

VIVA (Evaluation of the Impact of Viticulture on the Environment) is a national program launched in 2011 by the Ministry of the Environment and the Agroinnova Competence Center of the University of Turin, aimed at improving sustainability performance through the analysis of 4 indicators: AIR, WATER, TERRITORY and VINEYARD.
These indicators were developed in collaboration with OPERA - Research Center for Sustainable Development in Agriculture of the Catholic University of “Sacro Cuore”.
Viva makes it possible to carry out an overall assessment of environmental and social performances of a company or a specific product.

Why did Perlage decide to take this new certification path?

In light of the commitments made by Perlage in 2022 by joining CO2alition to achieve carbon neutrality, the company saw VIVA program as an opportunity to focus on this issue.
In fact, this program allows the company's carbon footprint to be calculated based on internationally recognized and shared standards (ISO 14064-1-2018 Carbon Footprint of Organizations).
In addition to this, we appreciated VIVA's "Open Source" approach to sustainability, thanks to which each company is placed in a position to undertake this path independently.

Which are the key differences from the other certifications already in Perlage portfolio?

The first difference, is found in the fact that it is a program promoted by a Ministry and therefore with an institutional value.
As a second difference, we can mention the possibility of receiving training and technical support to progress in certification and measure the indicators provided.
Another distinguishing feature lies in the fact that VIVA is a sector certification, specific to the wine industry and among the most recognized among actors in the international wine scene.
In addition, this certification tool focuses more specifically on:
- the elaboration of a real greenhouse gas emissions inventory, i.e., the calculation of climate-altering emissions generated by the complex of business activities (AIR indicator);
- measurement of potential water scarcity due to direct consumption of winery water volumes, assessed through the Direct Water Scarcity Footprint indicator (WATER indicator, compliant with the ISO 14046:2016 Water Footprint standard)
- Commitment to pursuing the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and compliance with the most up-to-date national and international standards on the subject of workers (TERRITORY indicator conforming to the ISO 26000:2010 Guide to Social Responsibility standard).

What will change for Perlage?

This certification is aimed at continuous improvement. In fact, our winery will have to recalculate its performances and improvement efforts every two years by submitting them for verification by a Ministry-recognized certification body.

To learn more about Viva certification click here

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