The WineHunter Award 2020

A new achievement for Col di Manza DOCG

2019 Col di Manza Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG Extra Dry achieved The WineHunter Award 2020-ROSSO

The WineHunter, is a competition linked to the Merano Wine Festival. It recognizes not only the unquestionable quality of the different products involved, but also the passion and dedication in making them unique and remaining faithful to the motto: excellence is an attitude!

Specifically, The WineHunter Award is the award of excellence conferred annually to wines, culinary products, spirits and beers.
Both Italian and international wines are examined through an assessment at 360°. The analysis includes the evaluation from an olfactory, visual and taste point of view, the jury is heterogeneous and composed of experts in the field: technicians, sommeliers, journalists and wine lovers.

List of winners

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