Producing wine made with organic grapes

The work of the organic and biodynamic winegrower is to create a relation of collaboration with the living organisms existing in nature and on the vineyard.

To manage the complex balance of the vital energies of plants, microorganisms and insects due to obtain the better grapes in the respect of the environment.
A reciprocal "beat" where the organisms listen to themselves and observe, want to take the one upper hand on the other one, but without ever cancel themselves completely.
A delicate balance in the respect of the life that the man has the faculty to direct, without breaking it, to collect the fruits for his own livelihood.
This way preserves the integrity of the ecosystem and its extraordinary life force.

A very different approach from chemical agriculture, that is aimed at annihilating all living forms that can threaten production.
Without realizing that more time passes, more the plants depend on human actions and not on the forces of nature.

The Organic method is not an OTHER WORLD, but an OTHER WAY to produce.
It undoubtedly requires a greater amount of manpower but this method transforms the vineyard into a garden where the ecosystem works.
Where GMOs are banned, where it is possible to walk without the inconvenience of breathing pesticides or anything else.
A relationship of aesthetic-functional harmony that must also be extended to the surrounding landscape.
Integrate with the deep local viticultural tradition, with the ancient vineyards that meticulously embroider the slopes of our hills.
Evidences of the fact that if they are married to mulberry trees they become works of landscape decoration or, even better, evocations of poet Zanzotto.

The social and environmental responsibility of Perlage

People, nature, the future of our children: Perlage continues its commitment to the effective management of the social, ethical and environmental impact of its actions.
The support in socially useful activities and the protection of the territory is a promise, which Perlage wants to pursue with the usual strength.
From the support of the activities of local associations for the environmental protection, such as Legambiente, and supporting disabled people, such as ‘Ceod centre’, to the promotion of responsible drinking, to the involvement of young people with disabilities in the winery and grape harvesting activities.

Innovations & Technologies

In Vineyards:
- No use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides
- Use of natural products
- Reduction of copper
- Demeter biodynamic-certification
- Increase of organic substance in soil
- Reduction of Co2

In Winery:
- Reduction of sulfites and alternatives to their use
- Guarantee of zero residue on wines
- New technologies for the production area
- New low-impact offices
- Iso 9001-2015, BRC, IFS, UE certified organic
- Solar panels to produce hot water

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