Iconis: Manzoni Bianco Trevevezie IGT - Dosaggio zero Organic and vegan

Iconis Manzoni Bianco Trevevezie IGT - Dosaggio zero
Organic and vegan

In the area of Aviano, Friuli Venezia Giulia, stands the vineyard from which Iconis - Manzoni Bianco Trevevenzie IGT is obtained. The vineyards, which have been worked with passion and technique for more than 20 years, make it possible to obtain a very quality product characterised by an extremely fine and elegant effervescence.
Iconis is designed as a tribute to Claudio nardi, a founding partner of Perlage in 1985 and a driving force behind the technological development of the winery. It is therefore our way of remembering and celebrating Claudio, giving him a unique product as a sign of gratitude for his hard work at Perlage and the dedication he showed throughout his life.
His carefully selected grapes are harvested by hand between late August and early September. It is a sugar-free wine (zero dosage) made using the long Charmat method and matured in autoclaves, in its own yeasts, for a period of more than 9 months.
Iconis is characterised by a limited production of 4,000 bottles and an extremely fine and elegant effervescence. The aromas are reminiscent of tropical fruit and pineapple syrup. On the palate, however, there is an explosion of candied citron aromas followed by a long liquorice note.

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Main data

Denomination Manzoni Bianco Trevenezie IGT
Type Vino bianco spumante di qualità dosaggio zero
Grapes Incrocio Manzoni 6.0.13.
First year of production 2022 - N° tot. 4080 bottles
Area Friuli Venezia Giulia - Aviano
Best consumed within 12 - 24 month

The vineyard

Soil type Gravelly soil
Altimetry and exposure 55 m.s.l.m.
Vineyards age 20 - 25 years
Plantation system Double overturned
Harvest Manual

The cellar

Vinification Fermentation at low temperatures, second fermentation in autoclave (pressure wine tank) with Charmat lungo method (9 months)
Alcohol by Vol 12,5%
Sugar < 2 g/l

The tasting

Colour Pale straw yellow with green reflections
Olfaction Primary aromas of wisteria, violet and rose; secondary aromas of candied cedar peel, pineapple, lychee and in closing spicy notes of licorice, tobacco, hydrocarbon and tuffle.
Texture Full rich, smooth and savory.
Service temperature 8 - 10 °C / 46,4 - 50 °F
Food pairing Substantian appetizers such as crostini with lard; consistent first courses such as pasta alla carbonara or all'amatriciana; rich main courses: barbecued eel, fried bluefish, lamb chops. Our vegetarian choise: parmigiana, poached egg with truffles; pasta alla nerano. Our vegan choise: eggplant babaganoush; potato and onion soup.

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