Vegan wine: what does it mean?

Vegan wine is that one made without the use of products or derivatives of animal origin. The absence of products of animal origin must accompany all stages of the production of the vegan wine. Let's see it in more detail!

The production process of vegan wine

A wine is organic and vegan already from the vineyard, the first attention starts right here. The vineyards, whose grapes are used for our wines, are treated and fertilized with natural products (such as vegetable compost).

The attention goes on in the following steps. During the processing phases in the cellar of non-vegan wines, it may happen that for the clarification (a process that makes a wine crystal clear) there is the need to use products such as: fish glue, casein (milk proteins) or albumin (egg proteins). In the production of vegan wine the use of these products is forbidden.
Any need for clarification in organic and vegan wines of Perlage are made using proteins of vegetable origin, extracted from the same fermentation yeasts or from some legumes. In order for the organic wine to be certified vegan, the entire vinification process must be traced and verified.

Vegan certification: the certified quality of Perlage vegan wine

For Perlage it was natural to move towards vegan certification, as a producer of organic wine since the beginning of its activity in 1985.
To make vegan wines means to offer a complete product that meets the needs of customers, which loves organic products and, more and more often, follows a vegan diet, that excludes the use of products of animal origin and its derivatives.

Since 2015 Perlage obtained the Vegan certification.
This certification is issued by A.V.I. LABEL VEG (Italian Vegetarian Association).
The obtainment of this certification depends on observance of procedures and the non-use of animal origin products.
Our organic and vegan wines contain in the bottle the attention to the customer and the product and the passion for research.

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