Insect hotels reach Riva Moretta

On the occasion of World Bee Day 2024, 2 Bee Hotels, i.e. shelters for solitary bees, have been installed in our historic vineyard

With this initiative, Perlage wishes to contribute to the preservation of the biodiversity of the vineyard ecosystem by providing a refuge for solitary bees and other pollinating insects.
The Bee Hotels are realised by the non-profit social cooperative "Palm Work&Project" of Viadana-Mantova (Italy), committed to the ethical development of work as a human and professional value through the integration of socially disadvantaged categories. These insect shelters are made of certified reclaimed wood: safe, cosy and design-driven, they are based on the criteria of upcycling (creative recycling) and sustainability, adopting a holistic approach aimed at preserving biodiversity.

The bee hotels installed in the Riva Moretta vineyard are small in size (to contain the density of insects and prevent the spread of diseases and pests), hexagonal in shape with separate hollows or "rooms" inside them containing different plant filling materials: pieces of leaves, bamboo canes, pieces of wood.
Filling the spaces with different materials creates a favourable environment for insects to nest. Some species tend to nest under small pieces of wood, others lay their eggs inside openings or hollow reeds.
The 'rooms' are protected by a small wooden roof to avoid that water could damage eggs, the groth of mould and delay the degradation process of the inside material. The entrance to the bee hotel is also protected by a wire mesh to prevent birds from attacks.
After the planting of ancient species of fruit trees and the creation of rainwater collection ponds, the installation of the bee hotels is a further contribution to the experimentation of sustainable practices to promote biodiversity in the vineyard.

To learn more about the cooperative's activities and the bee hotels click here.

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