Soralòc: Prosecco frizzante DOC

Soralòc Prosecco frizzante DOC

Soralòc is the first organic Prosecco DOC frizzante closed with a screw cap.
This is not only a specific request of the market, it offers also a lot of advantages: it avoids the cork deterioration, it prevents the premature oxidation and the following darkening of the color.
Thanks to his freshness and high adaptability, Soralòc is perfect as ingredient for your cocktails.

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Main data

Denomination Prosecco DOC
Type Sparkling
Grapes Glera
First year of production 2009
Area Veneto - Friuli Venezia Giulia
Shelf life 12 - 18 months

The vineyard

Soil type Alluvial origin
Altimetry and exposure 50 - 250 m a.s.l., south exposure
Vineyards age 10 - 15 years
Plantation system Double-arched cane / Sylvoz
Harvest Hand picking

The cellar

Vinification In white, using Martinotti (Charmat) method
Volume 11%
Sugar 10 g/l

The tasting

Colour Pale straw yellow, clear and bright with a fine perlage
Olfaction Fruity with ripe apple and apricot scents
Taste Fresh, long and persistent with a pear flavour
Service temperature 8 - 10 °C
Food pairing Suited to all courses as we usually do in the Prosecco area. Our suggestion: try it with ethnic dishes



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